South America I/II

Part I “Ride South” 2013:The bikes are shipped from Mexico to “Caracas”, Venezuela, international airport. Ride the Atlantic coast of South America from Venezuela, all the way to Argentina. The tour goes through magnificent flatlands of Venezuela, the famous Amazon rainforest and along the incredible coasts of Brazil.
Part II “Ride North” 2014:Tour starts from Argentina. First ride to Chili and along the Pacific coast to Peru. This “uphill” ride culminates at the northernmost country of South America, Colombia. From here the bikes are shipped back by air or sea. Both tours are guided but you may also decide to ride some days at your own pace. For BYOB’s (BringYourOwnBike) procedure, see FAQ’s page.

06. Nov. Tour starts from Caracas, Venezuela 08. Jan. Tour Starts from Buenos Aires, Argentina
12. Nov. Border, Brazil 16. Jan. Santiago de Chili
14. Nov. Amazon, Manaus, Brazil 25. Jan. Moon Valley and Desert of Atacama, Chili
30. Nov. Fortaleza, North East, Brazil 04. Feb. Machu Picchu, Peru
15. Dec. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 13. Feb. Border, Ecuador
19. Dec. Sao Paulo, Brazil 16. Feb. Ecuatorian line, Ecuador
22. Dec. Border, Uruguay 19. Feb. Border, Colombia
24. Dec. Punta del Este, Uruguay 23. Feb. Armenia & Salento, Colombia
28. Dec Tour ends in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to ship BYOB’s back by air or by sea 28. Feb. Tour ends in Cartagena, Colombia, to ship the bikes back by air or by sea.