Equinox and Solstice


Equinox Tour: March 20th and September 22nd.

Solstice Tour: June 21st and December 21st.

One of the greatest sights to see in your lifetime is the Mayan pyramid of Chichén-Itzá. It is it one of the greatest surviving monuments of the Mayan civilization and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also the setting for the Equinox that puts most solar eclipses and meteor showers to shame.



First Day, 300 km Lunch in Valladolid, visit the ruins and see the “Snake”. Later on a cenote swim at Dzit-Nup.”Light and Sound” evening show at the ruins



Second Day, 300 km Chichén-Itzá ruins in the morning with no tourists buzzing around. Lunch in Valladolid Colonial town, ride through little Mayan “Pueblos”, Cancun hotel zone, check out the Cancun Hard Rock Café and later on back to Playa del Carmen